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Bird Lady Art

Birds have become a staple in my artwork.  Bird Lady Art are one-off pieces, with the exception of The Christmas Bird series.  The Christmas Birds are drawn in colored pencil on 11x14 paper.  After years of experimenting with different painting styles and mediums, I decided to take a step back to my roots of being a simple sketch artist, to create a series of Christmas Birds. The birds are based on the Christmas carol The 12 Days of Christmas, using the traditional birds to represent each day in the song. I wanted to keep the birds simple with just a hint of color, reminiscent of a vintage Christmas card.

Turtle Dove 7kpix_edited.jpg
On the 5th Day Title_edited.jpg
Partridge 7kpix_edited.jpg
Colly Bird.jpg
The Secret Garden 300.jpg
LIttle Birdie 300.jpg
Blue Heron Acrylic on Wood Panel
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